Thursday, 10 May 2012


(William Copley: Revolver and Target, 1970, Oil on Canvas)

This is a website about the interconnections between political resistance and artistic production.
In many cases political demonstrations and artists were united by similar interests or aesthetics. Sometimes political manifestations appeared like artistic performances, sometimes artists produced actions which were mere articulations of a political discontentedness or even oppositional demonstrations. To draw the line between political resistance and artistic production seem to be difficult, for the interactions between the two became blurred during the last decades. This led to a refusal on behalf of the museums and -generally- of the cultural sector, to display or illsutrate these actions. Furthermore, some of the works lack a possibility of displaying them at all.
Therefore I would like to gather different forms of artistic resistance and clarify the vague affiliation to either the one or the other.

Comments, hints, examples or references are very welcome.